Excellence in service delivery

KR Insurance Services has got functional expertise into advisory services, underwriting, expert claims servicing and client retention services to ensure increased efficiency in the deliverables -  

  1. Advisory services aim to achieve customer delight through dedicated client relationship management, risk inspections, policy audit, route surveys, wellness programs, credit reports renewal reminders etc.
  2. Specialist Underwriting teams to arrange the best terms from insurers and re-insurers, ensuring complete cover of risk in hand.
  3. Expert Claims servicing teams work towards smooth claim settlement across business lines ensuring business continuity.
  4. Dedicated Retention team for exceeding client’s service expectations and retaining clients with us on a year to year basis.

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Why KR Insurance Services ?

  • Lowest Quotations
  • Prompt Claim Services
  • Wide Quote Comparisons
  • Best Insurance Industry Practices